Condor Exercises

Condor is a great training tool to practice important concepts of real world soaring.  This page contains information and exercises for practicing with Condor with a special focus on topics that are of interest to SSB club members.

General Tips for Flying Condor

Why Practice With Condor?

From Starting to Racing – A Brief Guide for Beginners

Climbing the Learning Curve – A Condor Tutorial (by Daniel Sazhin)

Condor Racing Tutorial for Newbies

Official Condor Manual

Condor System Requirements

Condor Tips Page from Cumulus Soaring (Paul Remde)

Downloading new Sceneries

Sign Up for Condor Competitions

SSB Condor Club Flights

Across Slovenia: Task Briefing, Results

First Flight from Boulder: Task Briefing, Results

Across the Divide: Task Briefing, Results

Landout Tour South: Task Briefing, Debrief

Landout Tour Foothills: Condor Flight Plan, Video of the Team Flight

Specific Training Exercises

Takeoff, Rope-break, and Landout Practice

Other Resources

Installation Instructions for Boulder Scenery

Instructions for Joining Club Flights

Instructions for Joining Teamspeak

Instructions for Savings Your SSB Condor Club Flight as an .IGC Trace to Have It Scored