Inspiration – Videos That Will Get You Hooked

Just looking for inspiration?  You might find it here 🙂

Let’s start with short clip set in the Andes of Chile, where the best soaring pilots on the planet flew in the 2018 Final of the Sailplane Grand Prix.  It doesn’t get much more spectacular:

Also short and inspirational but very different: a video shot at a typical soaring club.

A story-teller visits Omarama, one of the very best soaring sites in the world.  He gets there right at the start of a regional competition. You’ll meet quirky characters including a self-described “soaring nut” and get a sense of what makes them really tick.  Do you think you might fit in?

A professional video to promote the sport of soaring shot at the 2016 Sailplane Grand Prix Final in Sisteron, France.

Here you get a sense of what operations at a local soaring club look and feel like.

Cool shots from Skysailing, a desert soaring club in the American West.

The late British pilot, Matt Wright, aka Balleka, became the world’s most popular soaring vlogger.

Christopher Fleming, aka Fayence Soaring, makes some of the most beautiful and sophisticated gliding videos today.  The amount of effort that he puts into editing and post-production is unrivalled among soaring vloggers.

And finally:  the perhaps the most prolific soaring vlogger, Bruno Vassel, or Bravo Four.  This 5 1/2 hour video will really test if you are serious about your new hobby.