Field Evaluation Criteria

I have evaluated potential outlanding fields based on the following list of subjective criteria.

Important Disclaimer

I visited various fields along the Northern Colorado Front Range on September 17, 2017. My evaluation is based on my personal impressions on that day. Conditions may since have changed. I briefly stopped at each field, took some photographs, and subjectively evaluated each field based on my criteria.  I took no measurements (e.g. of length, width, slope, etc.). I did not walk each field. There may be ground obstacles that I did not see or omitted to record. There may be obstacles on the approach that I did not see or omitted to record. Vegetation changes. New obstacles (e.g. fencing, construction, etc.) may be put up at any time. On the day you fly, people, hay bales, life-stock, or other obstacles may be in the field, or the area may be flooded. You might land and encounter an irate farmer. The list of risks is endless. The point is: I won’t rely on this information and you must not rely on it either. It is imperative that you, as pilot in command, evaluate each landing site from an altitude that is sufficient for you to find better alternatives within glide range. Be aware that in some instances, good alternatives may not be available to you. I still hope the information in here is useful to you. Good Luck!

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