St. Auban, France

This page is to provide pertinent information in preparation of a soaring vacation in St. Auban, Provence.

Radio Phraseology in French

More Radio Phraseology in French

Weather Briefing St. Auban by Gabrielle Briffe

Daily Weather Briefing

Additional Weather Info

Soundings and Windgram (parapente)

Local Airspace Rules + Airspace Overview Map

French Civil Aviation Authority

Carte VAC Chateau Arnoux St. Auban (Chart Supplement)

Instructional Video on How to Read a French Chart Supplement + Handout

Presentation on Breezes and Convergences in the Southern Alps

Release Points in the Southern Alps

Briefings from Gabrielle Briffe

Glider Tracker St. Auban from OGN

Notam Info Southern France

Booklet “Safety in Mountain Flying”

Useful Airfield Briefing from Vinon with Airspace Clearance Procedures

Thermikfliegen in Südfrankreich – excellent area briefing (in German)

Sailplane Grand Prix in St. Auban 2021 – Race commentary (excellent area info)

Sailplane Grand Prix – in French with commentary by Eric Napoleon (excellent!)

Website of Centre National de Vol a Volee (St. Auban)

Website of Sisteron Airfield

Website of Vinon Airfield