Why Start a Glider Blog?

Launch grid at the airport LOGO in Niederöblarn, Austria in June 2017

Well, there aren’t that many around. I encourage you to look at the blog roll and see what else is out there.  And if you find another interesting blog or vlog (video blog), please go to the contacts page and let me know about it.

Anyway, here are three key reasons why I decided to give it a go:

  1. To learn: the basics of gliding aren’t that difficult. If you can drive a car or ride a bicycle, you can also learn to pilot an airplane. However, when it comes to soaring I can’t think of any sport that is more difficult to truly master. I want to document what I learned so I will remember it for the future. And maybe it will help you too.
  2. To be safe: I’ll be honest: soaring is a relatively dangerous sport. Perhaps on par with riding motorcycles. But the risks can be managed and controlled by being aware of them and always staying one step ahead of potential disaster.
  3. To inspire: Who has never dreamed of flying like a bird? Who has not stared in fascination at hawks, eagles, or condors rising high up into the sky without ever flapping their wings? Soaring is not just chess in the air. Soaring is also poetry. Don’t you want to write yours?

Whether you currently are a glider pilot or are just fascinated by the idea of flight without an engine, I hope you will find something of interest.  I also appreciate your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.  There is always more we can learn, more we can do to be safe, and more to be inspired.

Glück ab, gut land!

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