The Trailer

An old piece of wisdom among glider pilots is that when you buy a new-to-you glider make sure to first consider the trailer. There’s a lot of truth to that. A good trailer is not only critical for storage and transportation, it is absolutely critical for rigging and derigging. Having a good trailer might even make the difference whether you decide to fly at all.

Fortunately, you will not have to make any compromises when you select this package. Just like the ship, the trailer is a delight. The original buyer made outstanding decisions when choosing to outfit this particular model and there’s nothing at all that I would alter.

  • Cobra trailer custom-fitted for 18m Ventus 2cxT
  • Aluminum top for optimal UV protection
  • Hydraulic lift ramp
  • Tailwheel rail
  • Strap to secure rear of fuselage
  • Large lockable drawer under trailer – perfect for storing a one-man rigger
  • Swing-down vertical supports front and rear for perfect stability on any terrain
  • Weather protection cover for trailer tow bar (new in 2023)

The trailer makes rigging easy and there is plenty of storage for everything you may need. The following rigging and tow out equipment is included with the package:

  • Two wing stands
  • Tail dolly
  • Wing dolly
  • Tow-out bar (extendible) to tow assembled glider behind your vehicle.

Not included is the electric IMI one man rigger (shown in the drawer).

On the road the trailer follows easily with no bad tendencies. Just like the glider it has never been damaged or involved in an accident.

Finally, here’s a short video that shows how to rig this glider from its trailer. It is very easy and almost impossible to get wrong. The video is sped up 10x. With a bit of practice the entire process takes about 10 minutes. With the aid of a one-man-rigger it can all be done without any assistance although I prefer to have a helper for the outer wing panels (as shown in the video), especially if it is windy. All control hook ups are automatic. De-rigging is done in reverse and just as easy.